Self-Directed Retirement Plans for Alternative Asset Investing

Challenge: You would like to invest in alternative assets with the tax-advantaged funds held in your current Employer's 401(k) Plan, but find your choices limited to standard Wall Street products or a conventional mutual funds platform.

Solution: RealTrust will work with the Employer/Trustee overseeing your current Employer-Sponsored 401(k) Plan, the Plan Administrator and/or the Investment Manager to create an Alternative Asset Investment Portal that affords Plan Participants the opportunity to invest in alternative assets under the existing Employer Plan with little, if any, need to amend the Plan Documents. 

RealTrust offers education to the Employer, the Employees and the Plan Administrator regarding the alternative asset investment choices available. However, we don't sell or endorse any products or offer
investment advice, thereby remaining completely independent and objective.

RealTrust provides the record-keeping and requisite account statements directly to your Plan Administrator to report all account activity that takes place while the assets are in our custody. Plan Participants have ready access to on-line account statements to monitor all activity that takes place with respect to their alternative investments.

Although funds move to RealTrust on their way to acquiring an alternative asset at your direction, such as real estate or private placements, the assets never leave the Employer Plan, nor does a taxable event take place. We serve as a "sub-administrator" under the existing Plan, so no rollover, tax reporting or withholding is required.

If you are looking for real diversification of your retirement plan portfolio by expanding your investment choices to include alternative assets, contact one of our IRA Specialists to explore the prospect of opening an Alternative Investment Administration Portal today.

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