Self-Directed Retirement Plans for Alternative Asset Investing

With a RealTrust IRA Alternatives, LLC (RealTrust) “EZ(k) Plan”, you may self-direct your Retirement Plan assets to purchase your own business, run the enterprise, and pay yourself reasonable compensation.

Here's How It Works

1. Contact RealTrust to get started
Discuss your objectives with a RealTrust Representative. We will help tailor the RealTrust EZ(k) Plan to best suit your needs.

2. Form a “C-Corporation”
We will work with your tax and legal advisors in forming an appropriate “C” Corporation. If you don’t have professional team members in place yet, we can help there, too. Once incorporated, you’ll need to establish your corporate banking accounts.

3. Open a RealTrust EZ(k) Plan
Your new C-Corporation will sponsor a retirement plan for your company. Your RealTrust representative will assist in establishing a RealTrust EZ(k) Plan for you to participate in.

4. Contribute, transfer or roll-over your IRA/401(k) funds into the new company’s RealTrust EZ(k) Plan
Your RealTrust representative will assist you in transferring retirement funds from a previous employer plan or standard IRA to your new company’s RealTrust EZ(k) Plan. 

5. Your RealTrust EZ(k) Plan invests in the new corporation
You instruct RealTrust to purchase stock in the new C-Corporation with your EZ(k) Plan funds.  Your retirement account will capitalize the new company with tax-advantaged dollars and your plan will have made one of the best investments it ever could… in YOU.

The Advantages of Using a “Fully” Self-Directed EZ(k) Plan to fund YOUR Business:

  • Be Your Own Funding Source
    By using your retirement funds, you avoid the carrying costs of bank financing.
  • Lower Your Overhead
    Any contributions that you make to your retirement account may be used to reinvest into your business instead of paying off a high-interest business loan.
  • Invest in Your Best Asset-YOU!
    When you invest your retirement funds into your own business, no one will work harder for your financial future than you.
  • Enjoy Tax-Deferred Income and Savings
    As your business grows, you can contribute a substantial portion of the income back into your EZ(k) Plan and potentially save thousand of dollars in taxes while growing your retirement savings.  If you choose the Roth option for your EZ(k) Plan, the earnings may even be tax-free!

Our step-by-step process provides a blueprint to open, fund and complete investment transactions quickly, securely and accurately.  We’ve developed all of the paperwork and procedures to make sure that your transactions are handled smoothly and efficiently. 

Additional Guidance:

EZ(k) Plan Application Kit  C-Corporation.ROBS.Questionnaire