Self-Directed Retirement Plans for Alternative Asset Investing

Use these forms to:

  • Make contributions to your account
  • Transfer funds to your account
  • Buy and sell investments in your account
  • Authorize payments from your accounts
  • Request distributions from your account
  • Open an Account

All of our forms are fillable 
Just type in the information on the form, then print, sign, date and mail the forms to us.

Form Purpose
Deposit Coupon Add funds after you have opened your account
Transfer Form Request a transfer from another IRA
Rollover Form Authorize a rollover from an employer's qualified plan
IRA Distribution Request Form For Traditional IRA accounts
Roth IRA Distribution Request Form For Roth IRA accounts
Roth Conversion Directive Convert to a Roth account
Fee Agreement Fee Agreement and Schedule of charges
Payment Authorization Form Authorize a payment from your account
Outgoing Wire Instructions Authorize a wire from your account
Change of Beneficiary Designation Update beneficiary information
Third Party Designation Form Authorize a third party to access account information
Asset Purchase Directive Form Instruct us to purchase an asset

Asset Sale Directive Form



Instruct us to sell an asset

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