Self-Directed Retirement Plans for Alternative Asset Investing

A growing number of Americans use self-directed retirement plans as a means to secure their financial future.

Self-Directed IRA's and 401(k)'s afford a number of benefits, including:

  • Cultivating a truly diversified portfolio by investing in alternative assets
  • Building a store of savings to maintain a sustainable lifestyle throughout one's retirement years
  • Reducing income tax liability on earned income
        by making pre-tax contributions to one’s retirement account
  • Realizing tax-deferred or tax-free returns on the
        alternative asset investments made in these accounts
  • Maximizing asset protection available for retirement accounts at the state, federal and bankruptcy court levels 

Self-Directed Retirement Plans for Individuals. The most popular plans designed for individuals include Self-Directed Traditional IRA's and Self-Directed Roth IRA's.

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Self-Directed Traditional IRA
Who Can Contribute?
Are my contributions deductible?
Self-Directed Roth IRA
Who Can Contribute?
Are my withdrawals and distributions taxable?

Self-Directed Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed and Small Business. For self-employed persons and small businesses, Self-Directed EZ(k) 401(k) Plans, Self-Directed SEP IRA's, and Self-Directed SIMPLE IRA's are most popular. A growing trend involves a simple expansion of existing Employer-sponsored 401(k) Plans to allow current employees to invest in alternative assets through RealTrust’s “Alternative Investment Administration Portal.

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Self-Directed EZ(k) 401(k) Plan - With Roth Option
Self-Directed SEP IRA 
Self-Directed SIMPLE IRA 
Alternative Investment Administration Portal
See Internal Revenue Service Publication 590 for more information