Self-Directed Retirement Plans for Alternative Asset Investing

Thank you for visiting our Gallery of “SuccessFull Self-Directors®”. Please explore these real life success stories illustrating actual investment strategies employed by RealTrust clients. You may gain further insight and ideas for mounting your own “Fully” Self-Directed IRA/401(k) investment campaign. (We protect the true identities of the “SuccessFull Self-Directors®” portrayed, but the events are real.)

Private Lending

Gary M.
Makes Private Loans to builders and developers who have difficulty obtaining bank financing for their projects. The loans generate handsome returns and are well-secured. Typically, a $100,000.00 loan will earn 12% interest while, concurrently, creating a 1%-2% loan origination fee. The Notes are secured by First Lien Mortgages with no greater than a 60% loan to value ratio. The Borrower pays the legal fees and closing costs for putting the loan in place.Typically, the loans mature in 6 – 12 months and the repayment proceeds go back into Gary’s IRA. Thus, Gary easily realizes an annual return of 13% or more on EACH loan, with minimal risk of loss. The interest earnings create tax-deferred income for his Traditional IRA account. The earnings on his Roth IRA account are tax-free! Gary’s hands-on approach to investing exemplifies what it means to be a “SuccessFull Self-Director®”.


Cheryl M.
Cheryl recently opened her “Fully” Self-Directed Roth IRA with RealTrust, realizing that “alternative” investments offer a hedge against the vagaries of the conventional investment marketplace as well as real diversification for her retirement plan portfolio.  Right out of the gate, Cheryl set up a Checkbook IRA LLC, wholly owned by her Roth IRA. Then, as Manager of the LLC, she began trading high-tech carbon fiber products through market avenues she has developed.On her first sale of 8,000 pounds of fiber, Cheryl was able to increase the value of her Roth IRA by $50,000, tax-free.  Moreover, Cheryl makes periodic deals selling high-tech fiber, realizing similar returns, and is living proof of the benefits available through “Fully” Self-Directed IRA accounts.

Rental Properties

Sally T.
Sally, like many RealTrust clients, has become a SuccessFull Self-Director® using her knowledge of the local real estate market to fashion a tax-advantaged and financially rewarding investment strategy.  Between two different Self-directed IRA accounts, a Traditional and a Roth, Sally now owns over 10 rental properties that produce positive cash flow and provide excellent returns to her retirement accounts.  With non-recourse financing, Sally is able to prudently leverage her IRA holdings in order to acquire additional under-valued properties and convert them into rentals.  Sally is increasing her returns as the rental market strengthens in the areas where her properties are located.

Tax Lien Foreclosures

Jack H.

A prime example of the creative approaches our clients employ, Jack successfully bid on two tax foreclosures in Alaska using only $1500.00 from his Roth IRA.  Six months later, he sold the same two properties for $9550.00, which translates into a 636% increase in very short order. Jack took $550.00 down and carried back a $9000.00 Note with interest accruing at 8% per annum. So, not only did Jack realize a six-fold increase in the value of this asset, he now is earning a handsome interest rate on the higher value. His strategy will likely result in a steady, low-risk stream of cash while continuing to build his retirement wealth. Significantly, Jack’s approach is proof that with a “Fully” Self-Directed IRA or 401(k), you don’t need a lot of money to make profitable returns, just the freedom and willingness to seize unique opportunities when presented. That’s what RealTrust and Full Self-Direction is all about.